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I. At the beginning of the 2 most important answer to the question - How is made Factory Unlock or not?

II. How carried out to determine whether dissociating from ICloud or not?

1. What is the unlock?

Answer: Unlock or Factory unlock - this is method untangle from operator. In many countries IPhone and other phone can be buy under contract. What is mean? This is mean - what operator sell you phone for small price, but you are abliged to conclude contract with him. You get phone, but use 2 years only 1 network, on that locked Phone. For use other network - you need Unlock IPhone or other phone. Phone locked by IMEI. You can unlock Factory (by IMEI and use all simcard, update and restore without problem) and Software unlock. But because Software unlock - this is big hemmoroids - my site can help you with Factory Unlock. Click Unlock price to for choose your carrier and start unlock.

2. How i can know my IPhone Locked or Unlocked?

Answer: You need know your IMEI number and order Check IPhone Lock/Unlocked Stat

How find IMEI:

1. Most phones have a very simple key-in method to retrieve IMEI/MEID numbers: enter a 5-digit string—*#06#—and the number will be displayed on your phone.

2. Get iPhone IMEI from the iPhone

This is the same on any iPhone and any iOS version:

  • Tap Settings
  • Scroll down to and tap on “General”
  • Tap on “About”
  • Scroll down and look for “IMEI”
  • These numbers are your IMEI, on the iPhone they are usually listed like: xx xxxxxx xxxxxx x

You can also find IMEI from iTunes:

3. Get an iPhone IMEI Number from iTunes

If your iPhone is connected to iTunes you can grab the IMEI number from the app:

  • Select your iPhone from the iTunes menu
  • In the “Summary” tab click on your phone number to reveal the IMEI number









4: Get the IMEI number from the iPhone back or SIM card holder

All iPhone models will include the IMEI number on the actual device itself. For iPhone 5 and newer, you will find the IMEI printed on the back of the phone in small print. With iPhone 4S and older, the IMEI is printed on the actual SIM card slot, so just eject the card holder and read the printed numbers.

3. What is Clean esn, not found,

bad(barred, stolen) esn and All imei?

ESN (Electronic serial numbers) is a unique device number (like IMEI). If payment under the contract in the U.S. and other countries, your telephone block for other operators ESN number, and he becomes corrupt (bad), ESN (Blacklist IMEI). Therefore, the device is spoiled ESN cannot be used in the USA. If ESN not spoiled, they usually write Clean ESN. And so:

  • Clean ESN (Clean IMEI) is a fully working phone with no debts to the operator.
  • Not found (Not found IMEI) Not found the Requested IMEI is not found in the Database of an operator. For such IMEI many operators have another service (Not found).
  • Bad ESN (Blacklist IMEI) - is a phone belonging to the category of "Blacklist" that are in arrears (also called Barred or Unpaid), lost (Lost) and stolen (Stolen).
  • All IMEI - if the service you have chosen is written All the imei can be assured that the probability Unlock - 99,9%.

On this page you can perform any verification of your IMEI.

4. How i can order?

Answer: For order you need choose intresting item and:

1. Select your IPhone model

2. Select your IMEI (clean, barred and etc). Warning! If you don't no clean your IMEi or not, use this service - IPhone Blacklisted & Not Blacklisted Check Service

3. Enter your IMEI. (How find imei see in 2 question)

4. Add to cart

5. Checkout you order

5. How i can order if i have more 1 imei?

Answer: For order you need choose intresting item and:

1. Select your IPhone model, your IMEI, if need and Enter your IMEI (How find imei see in 2 question) in column

2. Choose quantity

3. Add to cart

4. Checkout you order

6. How payment method accept?

Answer: You can see it in special menu - Payment methods.

7. In what country to take the IPhone and

what the operator to unlock was cheap?

Answer: Cheapest Unlock for such operators as:

8. How i can add funds on my account?

Answer: You can send money with PayPal (Gift payment) and in description write your account name. After on your account add found.

9. How i can use my funds from my account?

Answer: When you add funds - check it. Click in account on Your Transactions.

Then you see your funds

After - you can go to order

After add to cart you see this

This is you store credit and when you go to checkout - his will be considered, if funds are not enough to pay for a purchase fully.

If found enough to pay for a purchase, you will see in the basket like this

Your account balance is fully covered by the purchase price.

When you go to checkout - in method payment just choose - Free checkout

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