Unlock Apple ID and iCloud

If you got to this page – it means you have a problem with an activation block. Here you can find a lot of services to verify and resolve this issue and to unlock Apple ID of your device. We recommend you to read this article till the end.

At first you need to decide how you will produce unlock:  try to find a host device by yourself (more about this - How to remove iPhone, iPad, iPod, iWatch from Apple ID) or to trust in our service. If you choose to use our services, please follow the instructions below.

To solve this problem – you need to understand, if your device is activated or not.

Step 1

1. If it is activated - you can make a call, go online, and so on, but do not know the password of the account in the settings (as shown on the picture below), you can start to use the service for activated devices. What to do - you can find below, if you press tab “activated devices” and choose the corresponding service. Instructions for the correct order are in the description.

2. If the device is not activated (it’s on the stage of activation on a white background), you need an IMEI or a serial number for verification. To find it, on the very first screen activation, where it says "hello" in different languages - you need to click on the "i" button and you will see IMEI number.

Step 2

3. To make an order for unlock Apple ID, need to check on where the device was bought (you can order it in this link – Basic information by IMEI about the country of purchase), and after receiving the information to read this article till the end.

Step 3

In section “The iCloud status” – could be 2 variants of information - Clean or Lost. When you know the status of the phone, you need to select the appropriate tab Clean or Lost service.

Step 3.1

The price for “Clean services” will depend on the selected unlock time (from instant to 30 work days), the probability of unlock and the country of purchase. All these nuances are important to order unlock.

Step 3.2

The price for “Lost services” depends on the probability of unlock.

Important additions:

1. If the iCloud status - OFF, it means your phone will not have problems with activation.

2. If you have a caption on a black background with a telephone number or other information, the phone is not considered to be activated and you need to restore the firmware via DFU mode.

3. If you have tried before any unlock methods, retry in some cases, can carry a smaller percentage of probability and a higher price for a positive result.

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