AirDrop on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

  • 08 November 2018 12:07:18
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The purpose of the AirDrop feature is a quick exchange of photos, videos, and various documents between Apple devices. This feature allows you to exchange various information from many applications. Its implementation requires:

Run the required application, select the file to share. To transfer it to several objects at once, you need to press the “Select” key, specify all the necessary objects.

Press the “Share”button.

Specify the AirDrop user who will receive the file selected for upload.

Getting files with AirDrop

When you exchange using the AirDrop function, you can receive a preview of the file you sent. In addition, the Arsenal of the user has two buttons: "Accept”and "Reject". The "Accept" key confirms the consent to receive the file sent from a certain application. If the application content is shared across the devices of the same user, the Accept and Reject buttons are not visible.

To select a user who will be able to see the sent file, you need to go to the “Settings” menu, select the “General” section, and then – AirDrop. In addition, it is possible to set the properties of receiving AirDrop in the control Point. For this need to:

Open the control Point.

Press hard and hold the network settings card, then click on AirDrop.

Select one of the following items: turn off the reception of requests, leave the reception only for existing contacts, activate the AirDrop function for requests from all users.

If you do not have contact with the device that the user is trying to exchange with via AirDrop, you must do the following:

Check if the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions are enabled.

Verify that the user is within range of the specified functions.

To make sure that the second user has the option of exchanging the AirDrop function with contacts, check the presence of yourself in the list of these contacts. If not in the list, you need to ask the user to activate the exchange option "for all".

AirDrop on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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