How to install IOS 12 Beta?

  • 29 October 2018 09:55:13
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As soon as the presentation of IOS 12 took place, a large number of Apple smartphone owners wanted to test the developed version. All users can take advantage of this opportunity today.

The IOS 12 system is supported by all devices that run on the IOS 11 platform. Therefore, install IOS 12 Beta can all owners of iPhone 5s, smartphones 6,7,8 series, as well as many models of iPad.

To start downloading the beta version, you need to create a backup of the smartphone or tablet in the Apple iTunes, then it can be archived or copied. 

To make a backup, follow these steps:

Connect your device to your computer, launch iTunes.

In the menu that opens, select the phone or tablet icon.

Select “back up now”. To connect an additional level of protection, you need to check the box next to “encrypt backup”.

Select in the menu "device settings", create a copy of the archive.

On the “devices "tab, right-click to save a copy, and then select”archive".

Instructions for installing IOS 12 Beta for iPhone smartphone

Click on the browser link to download the new beta profile.

When prompted to open profile settings, select allow.

In the new window select "install". Then you need to specify a password to agree with the installation. Once the download is complete, you need to restart your phone.

When the reboot is complete, you need to select "Settings" → "Main" → "SOFTWARE Update", install the first trial version of iOS 12. If you have a profile for iOS 11, you need to delete it.

How to install IOS 12 Beta?

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