How to save a lot of money when buying an iPhone in Russia?

  • 13 September 2018 10:57:49
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The cost of Apple branded smartphones is high. For example, in Russia for the purchase of standard models of the iPhone 7 Plus with 32GB of storage in the online store Apple Store Online had to pay 62 990 rubles Foolish to give big money for a modern gadget.

Any resident of Russia can buy a popular smartphone much cheaper without waiting for its delivery from another state. And it is not necessary to use “flea markets” or other means. Chief assistant in savings - "Yandex.Market.»

After opening the service, you must specify the name of the model of interest. Then open the item card, go to the "prices" section and sort by cost. After that, you need to remove the check mark from the "prices including delivery". As a result, it turns out that the iPhone 7 Plus offered in the Apple online store can be bought not for 62 990 rubles, but for 44 500 rubles.

You can save even more on iPhone SE models. Price starts from 18 500 rubles. and in 2 times less than the official value. Such advantageous offers are made by “gray " sellers who sell non-certified mobile devices on the Russian market. But there is no harm from their activities.

The main difference between the official products of Apple and smartphones “gray” sellers – warranty service. The latter will not offer it. However, for the money that you managed to save on buying an iPhone, you can give it to repair. And in a couple of days to take away the serviceable device. Warranty repair certified smartphone can last for several weeks.

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How to save a lot of money when buying an iPhone in Russia

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