Make Rington on IPhone

  • 16 August 2017 22:50:29
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Long since gone, what to put on your favorite music or ringtone to IPhone call was long and gumoralnam occupation.

The program ITools solves all these problems!

IMPORTANT! The program assumes that you have installed ITunes.

To set your favorite ringtone on a call, do the following:

1. Download iTools by reference.

2. Run iTools and connect the phone.


3. To log in click the Media tab.


4. Click on the tab Ringtone and the icon - Make Ringtone.


5. Select button Choose the desired music file.

6. Click on the track need a piece of songs lasting not more than 40 seconds (IPhone). Other options interface is intuitive. Then click the Save & Import. After a few seconds, the ringtone will be in your phone. It can be seen in the menu Settings - Sounds - Ringtone.

Important!!! If you do sync with iTunes - your ringtones will vanish! So you need to clear the checkbox "Sync music" tab in the "Music".



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