Refurbished iPhone 6: features, specifications

  • 28 November 2018 14:29:30
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Due to the difficult economic situation in the country today, not many people in Russia can afford to buy a new smartphone from Apple. However, the solution to this problem may be the purchase of a refurbished iPhone 6.

Few modern buyers know the difference restored the phone from new. Used iPhone 6 in its characteristics is almost as good as the new smartphone, has an original appearance.

The phone is considered restored if it has passed the certification procedure. At the same time, the cost of a new iPhone 6 is much lower and is about 17 thousand rubles. And in case of breakage, the smartphone can be delivered to the official Apple service center.

The restored iPhone 6 is sold in special boxes with the relevant information. Included smartphone has all the necessary details.

What is the difference between the restored iPhone 6 and the new phone?

Serial number. Each Apple smartphone is sold in a special branded box with a serial number. This number is also indicated on the case of the mobile device and inside it. If all three numbers do not match, the phone is restored. After repair, the manufacturer replaces the case, smartphone parts, sells it in another box.

Price. Restored iPhone 6 is not worth 37-55 thousand rubles. its cost starts from 15 thousand rubles.

Warranty period. The warranty for the restored iPhone 6 is 1 year. With some sellers it is possible to conclude a service contract for 2 years. But you have to pay for it.

The restored iPhone 6 is available in two types:

Smartphone that has been factory repaired. New parts were installed in the phone, case and battery were replaced. For renovation were used only the original elements.

Smartphone, the repair of which was carried out by Chinese companies. From the original iPhone 6 it has only the motherboard, the processor.

Refurbished iPhone 6: features, specifications

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