Restored iPhone: what is it and can I buy it?

  • 13 September 2018 10:43:19
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A refurbished IPhone is a broken smartphone that has been sent for repair to an Apple service center. After a course of rehabilitation the device goes on sale again.

You can name a few useful tips for purchasing restored smartphones.

Compare the serial number on the product box with the IPhone number.

To study the terms of the transaction, to prevent the purchase from an unscrupulous seller.

Check the warranty, which should apply even to the restored IPhone. It is 1 year. The warranty can be extended up to 2 years. It is recommended to contact the Russian representatives of Apple and find out exactly about the warranty on the purchased smartphone.

Quick facts about the restored IPhone

Each restored smartphone has been repaired at the Apple service center.

The technical service has the right to integrate spare parts into the faulty device.

The cost of the restored model is reduced by almost 1/3. The smartphone is certified by Apple.

The device is officially recognized as working after its repair.

Checking the serial number of the package and the IPhone will let you know whether the smartphone has been restored or not.

For such verification, you must first take the package, find the Apple Certified seal, which officially confirms the restoration of the device in the service center of the company. The restored IPhone must have a completely white packaging. The serial number of the smartphone is located in the section “General” – “about device” - “Serial number”.

You can verify the authenticity of the recovery by the first digit of the serial number. It's supposed to be five. And the third digit will tell you the year of manufacture of the device (0 for 2010, etc.).

There is nothing wrong with buying a refurbished IPhone. On the Russian market of the restored iPhone 5S costs 28 thousand RUB iPhone 6 - 40 thousand.

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