Sim card error in iPhone

  • 24 September 2018 09:35:11
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Each iPhone owner can receive a message about the invalidity of the inserted SIM-card. Most of all, it will be unpleasant for the owners of new smartphones.

An error about the inactivity of the SIM card may appear in the following cases:

The first time you turn on your smartphone.

After updating or flashing the mobile device.

If there are other reasons.

After buying an iPhone, many of its owners can see the following message: SIM-card is considered non-working, as it belongs to another mobile operator.  

As the reason for the explanation of this case can be called the existence of” locked " smartphones that are already blocked by a particular mobile operator.

In America, you can buy an iPhone for $ 200-300. In addition, the owner of the smartphone still signs a contract with the operator. According to the contract, he has to pay a certain amount of money every month. The payments will be valid for 1-2 years. And only after all payments iPhone will start working with SIM-card of another operator.

After buying the smartphone, which comes under the above condition, it is required to apply directly to the seller. This phone is not intended for use. To activate it, you can do one of two things:

Unlock your mobile device officially.  

To buy a special adapter for the SIM card.

Buying an adapter does not completely solve the problem at once. You will need to think about choosing a method of unlocking, firmware mobile device.

For official unlocking will have to pay a lot of money to spend personal time. But the result will allow you to constantly and fully use the iPhone.


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