What is” unlock " and why do I need it

  • 05 September 2018 14:17:17
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Let's say you bought an iPhone from a foreign online store and won it on eBay. The phone came to you in the mail and it seems that there are no problems with it. But after inserting the SIM card smartphone does not catch the network. A message appears that the SIM card is not supported.

Unexpected and unpleasant news means that the purchased phone has a binding to a foreign operator (for example, AT&t, T-Mobile). In this case, you can activate the device and make it fully work in several ways:

To contact the mobile operator, order the service of unbinding the phone.

Enlist the support of the organization that is engaged in this service. Our firm can help with this.

If you want to solve the issue of unlock yourself, you need to consider the following factors:

The greatest probability of self-success in untying will be if the smartphone is tied to popular operators in the world. To date AT&T USA, Orange and SFR France, T-Mobile Germany is the most loyal policy untether mobile devices.
The unlock process can take a long time. And an experienced specialist can implement it in minutes. The duration of the unlock usually depends on the chosen cost of the service and the complexity of the situation.
Hardware unlock of the iPhone. It involves the use of r-sim-printed circuit Board with a contact pad on two sides and a microcontroller. One side of the contacts is used to connect with Simcoe and the other with a pad cell phone. The microchip has a program that simulates certain functions of the cellular operator. Gevey sim is determined by the firmware model of your mobile device. But this can cause problems with communication, SMS messages and the Internet. Only official Windows will help to get rid of these problems.
Our website provides official unlock a large number of cellular mobile operators (Vodafone Germany, T-Mobile USA and others).

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