Why iPhone make to the BlackList?

  • 05 September 2018 13:57:23
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Blacklist (blacklist) – a list of IMEI phones with a dirty history. The device is able to get into a Blacklist for a variety of reasons. The police, the operator, Apple have black lists.

Blacklist police contains IMEI smartphones lost by their real owners, stolen. Any operator has its own Blacklist, not similar to the police list, indicating the IMEI of the iPhone, for which the operator had financial disagreements with their owners.

Often in the black list, the operator has information that is similar to the Blacklist of the police. Worst of all is considered to be a Blacklist from Apple. If. tion blocked the Apple does not unlock. This list includes devices from other blacklists. In addition, Apple has the right to add different devices to its list.

Common causes of allocating the IMEI in Blacklist:

Submission to the owners of the smartphone application for its theft, loss.

Didn't get paid, billing, incomplete contract (without full payment).

Sale of the phone to unscrupulous persons.

The replacement warranty with the subsequent binding of disposal.


In some States, there are special sites that host a Blacklist of local operators.

The main causes of failure of the operators, apart from having it in the Blacklist

Not found = Not detected. The device was not found in the operator's database. Basically, this happens due to the activation of it at a specified time, problems with the contract, billing.

Barred = Forbidden. This failure implies the presence of the phone in the Blacklist, where he was from-for debts under the contract, the billing.

Unpaid bills = bills didn't get paid. The presence of unpaid debt under the agreement, billing.

Lost/Stolen = Lost/Stolen. The device has already got into Blacklist.
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